Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Right Wing World: Gay Marriage Will Lead to Straight Guys Marrying for Benefits!

Oh, brother. If there's one thing I hate, it is really poorly thought out arguments to maintain discrimination and bigotry. See, it turns out there aren't many "court ready" arguments against marriage equality. They're mostly religious arguments, which are great when you're talking to Bill O'Reilly or Piers Morgan, but not so much in a court of law. So, mostly, anti-gay marriage folks have coalesced their non-religious reasons into one big "marriage is for procreation only, and the gays can't make a baby!" argument. It's a bad argument, but that's not the point of this post.

There are some stragglers who think they've got a winner, since that fertility thing doesn't really fly either. One of them is a GOP leader in Georgia who is all concernstipated that straight guys--provided same-sex marriage is legalized--will start pairing off and marrying for the benefits! Because, you can't be sure these couples are really gay, now can you? They might even try out the gay business while they're at it, like those psychos Jacob and Paul on The Following! But the answer to this hypothetical is: so what?

There is no "love test" for marriages, gay or straight. There is no sexual orientation test either (just ask Mrs. Rev. Haggard or Mrs. Larry Craig, am I right?). Presently, right this minute, there are heterosexual couples who don't love each other getting married for benefits. There are gay guys marrying their straight gal-pals so she can get the bennies. There are lesbians marrying gay guys if it is beneficial for them in some way. Probably not as much as in the past, but I'm sure it happens here and there. The point of this almost pointless exercise is that people will exploit loopholes in the law at any opportunity. People are like that. But we don't deny equal rights on the off-chance that somebody might try to game the system.


Georgia GOP Chair Worried ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry’ Will Be A Real Thing

Hey remember that one movie, with the dudes, but they are straight, but they gay marry each other? It looked like it was going to be 90 minutes of gay-panic jokes, but then it was surprisingly sweet, if we recall correctly since we probably watched it on cold medicine because there is no way we would have watched it sober. . .

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