Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Will Harry Reid Use "The Nuclear Option" on Filibuster?

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I'm not Harry Reid's biggest fan. Oh, sure, I've voted for him. Three times. But that is only because he was always better than the alternative. He was staggeringly better than his last opponent, Sharron Angle. That she even got close in the election just proves how often Reid irritates Democrats. Fortunately enough of us saw that we couldn't let that happen, and voted for him again.

What he does is get our hopes up. It's no wonder he was a boxer, because he can really get you in his corner, pulling for him. Give 'em hell, Harry! And every once in a while he lands a punch. More often he pulls them, or doesn't swing at all. It's infuriating. So it was with filibuster reform. After the last Senate filibustered damn near everything in a fruitless quest to prevent a second Obama term, Reid threatened to change the rules. To maybe make Senators actual stand in the chambers, talking for hours on end, if they wanted to throw a wrench into the works. Or maybe just make the process more difficult. Reid even extended "day one" of Senate business to keep the option around for a while longer. Then he welched.

Now, he's dangling that carrot again. And I'm in his corner again. I don't have boundless faith that he'll do it. But I'm rooting for him. Dammit.


Reid Threatens Filibuster Reform With Nuclear Option 

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) threatened in his most explicit terms yet to use the so-called nuclear option to weaken the filibuster if Republicans keep blocking judicial and other nominees from coming to a vote. . .

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