Wednesday, April 3, 2013

RNC's Dave Agema and His Problem with Flight Attendants

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Last week when we had the two big Supreme Court arguments on marriage equality, there was a veritable flood of gay stories, here on the blog and out in the world. And there still are, because all of those stories shook loose a whole bunch of other ones.

This one is about one of the GOP's lesser lights, and he'd hardly be worth a mention but for his stunning lack of awareness about how he comes off. And his world champion abilities to keep digging his hole deeper. But the kicker (for me) is the source of his anti-gay animus: gay male flight attendants. First, let me tell you that I'm married to one. Second, let me tell you that if you can pick your own flight crew, pick the gay guys. They're really the best at what they do, no matter what this yahoo says. But how could I resist this story, particularly when written with the heavy snark of Wonkette? I couldn't, that's what.


RNC Bigot/Ex-Pilot Dave Agema Talks About His Issues Inside Homosexual ‘Flight Attendant Realm’

. . .Agema also explains why gay rights is a deeply person issue for him, just as it is a deeply personal issue for Rob Portman. As a silver fox commercial airline pilot, Agema is a walking gay porn archetype and, well, he can explain it: “I’ve been involved in this issue for years, way back when I worked for American Airlines this became an issue, because we had, you know obviously we had a lot of homosexuals in the flight attendant realm, and, uhh, we had issues. . .”

Read more at Wonkette

PS. Johnny from Airplane! wasn't a flight attendant, and I didn't even know the actor was gay when I was a kid. But others got it, it's hysterical, and Wonkette included it, so here it is! 

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