Thursday, April 11, 2013

California May Revoke Boy Scouts' Tax Exempt Status

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Oh dear, we just can't get away from the gay stuff can we? The news is just loaded with it lately. Sorry, America. Tell ya what, if you'll just cool it on the "gays are icky and we want to exclude them" nonsense, all of this unpleasantness will just go away, m'kay? All righty then.

Let me just say that in this case, I'm irritated more with the improper whining by homophobic defenders of. . .well. . .homophobia, than I am about the Boy Scouts of America's exclusionary practices! I was a gay, atheist Boy Scout, so I feel I got one over on them. But to see conservative groups claiming persecution over things like this really irritates me. It isn't as though the BSA will be shut down. It isn't even like the BSA will be forced to accept RuPaul's Drag Race contestants as pack leaders. It's that if they want to continue to be exclusionary, they can't receive government largesse. HEY!! Conservatives!! You supposedly don't like suckling at the government teat! Show some ideological consistency for once, would you?


California moves towards revoking Boy Scouts tax exempt status over gay ban

California has moved one step closer to revoking the tax exemption for the Boy Scouts because of their prohibition against gay members. The California State Senate Governance and Finance Committee approved The Youth Equality Act by a 5-2 vote on Wednesday, sending the bill to the Senate Committee on Appropriations. . .

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