Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jon Stewart: Why Do Conservatives Always Bring Up Bestiality?

Over the last couple of days a couple of different conservatives have made extremely bad analogies that culminated in "sex with animals," otherwise known as bestiality. On their way there, they also mentioned things like pedophilia, murder and polygamy, you know the usual. And I mean usual too, because if you've been in the trenches on the blogosphere, conservative keyboard commandos often make these strained and inappropriate analogies.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart isn't the only host to notice that it's conservatives--always conservatives--who always dredge up bestiality. In recent days, I've heard some pretty good comedy on the subject from both The Stephanie Miller Show and The Randi Rhodes Show as well. And it's a damned good question! By the way, please pay attention to the bit where Jon takes apart Louie Gohmert's inane attempt at comparing limiting gun magazines, and allowing same-sex marriage.


Stewart Trashes GOP On Gay Marriage-Bestality Link: ‘What Is It With You People And The Animal-F*cking?’

Jon Stewart tonight took on the GOP’s rebranding efforts, especially with minority outreach. Stewart mocked the short amount of time it took for someone in the Republican party to throw a wrench in those efforts, and found it just a little disturbing how popular the slippery-slope “gay marriage will lead to bestiality” line is on the right. Stewart asked, “What is it with you people and the animal-fucking? . . .”

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