Thursday, April 11, 2013

Out Magazine Ranks "Power" Top 50

Images from source, Out
Well, another year that I didn't make the list, what shall I do? Heh. No, but seriously, several well known LGBTetc people didn't make the list, Chris Colfer, Jesse Tyler-Ferguson, Adam Lambert, Andrew Rannells, Matt Bomer, Don Lemon, Thomas Roberts, Steve Kornacki, lots of others. But hey, it's a top 50, and I didn't make it. Somebody please tell that to the commenters on Out's web page. Mercy! It's broken out into a cat fight. People! It's a world where everyone is the media. Make your own lists!

Hello, boys!
Most surprising to me was the inclusion of FOX "News" host Shepard Smith and right-wing muck raker Matt Drudge. I wasn't aware either of them were really--you know--out. But I guess they used to include Anderson Cooper when it wasn't official. Still, I wonder what Right Wing World thinks about Shep and Matt? The mind wobbles.

Out - The Power List 2013

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