Friday, April 5, 2013

FOX & Friends: Work Two Jobs, and Expect to Get Minimum Wage!

Skeeve Douchey, from Raw Story
There is a reason that the oddly named FOX & Friends is routinely mocked by Saturday Night Live, and also a reason its "star" Steve Doocey is often maligned as "Steve Douchey." This talentless, insipid crew of "personalities" likely makes more in week or two than a minimum wage worker gets in a year. And yet, the hosts rarely show even mock empathy toward these people. It's right in line with the FOX "News" agenda of supporting corporations, and screw the little guy.

The striking fast food workers that Douchey is talking about work for corporations that make billions in profits. Profit means money above operating expenses, meaning gravy. It's really cool to pay shareholders sweet dividends, and to give your execs fat bonuses. But do these corporations really want to be known as one-step-above sweatshops or slave labor? You'd think in the hyper-competitive fast food industry, one of these guys would make a name for having the best paid, happiest workers. They could even make an ad campaign out of it: We've raised our prices 5 cents on each item, to give our employees a better wage! For no more than a quarter per order, we'll give our workers the best!

But FOX & Friends wants you to suck it up, work two minimum wage jobs, for the good of corporations. They're "job creators" after all. . .


Fox News tells striking workers to get two jobs and ‘expect to get paid the minimum wage’

The hosts of Fox & Friends on Friday suggested that fast food workers should stop striking for higher pay and get a second job because the minimum wage “was never meant to be a career wage. . .”

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