Monday, April 8, 2013

New Mexico Governor Vetos Military Bill, Passes One Minus "The Gay"

She's just a joy. Image from Salon.
Have you heard? Social issues as a wedge issue are passé. Yep, the Republicans have decided they're not going to be the "stupid party" any more, and dial it way back on all that stuff. Except they're not. At least at the state level, they've got the far-right social stuff cranked up to eleven baby! Have you paid attention to the news the last few weeks (let alone the past two years)? You've got North Carolina wanting to institute their own state religion. There was Virginia trying to reinstate sodomy laws. In Kansas, they're shoving through blatantly unconstitutional anti-abortion laws, including "personhood" for fertilized eggs. And assorted and sundry similar bills all over the country.

Somehow, the GOP has the beltway press looking at the shiny "we've changed" national image, while the dirty work--often the flat-out mean-spirited work--is happening in the states. The most recent one is out of New Mexico, and it just defies even my low expectations for Republican legislation.

Governor Susana Martinez vetoed a bill that would help all military families with employment. Then, she passed an identical bill, except that it doesn't include spouses of gay servicepeople. Ain't that nice? In 2013. So, next time you hear someone say that gay people get all the rights and benefits that straight people do, remember this story. Next time you hear that the GOP has changed its stripes, think of this story. And chalk up one more stupid example of outright meanness from the Grand Old Party.

One more thing. My Republican mother--who is very distressed by my liberalness--assures me that Republicans aren't really anti-gay, by and large. It's a tiny but loud minority, and they're dying off she says. I'm not seeing it.


New Mexico governor vetoes bill to help families of gay soldiers

Republican governor and gay marriage opponent Susana Martinez has vetoed a Senate bill to help the families of gay service members obtain professional licenses in New Mexico. After issuing the pocket veto, Martinez signed an identical version of the measure that would only streamline the process for straight spouses. . .

Read more at: Salon

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