Saturday, April 27, 2013

Republican National Committee Using George W. Bush as Fundraising Opportunity

Thanks W? Yeah, thanks a hell of a lot, George.
By the way, dumb asses, it's missing a comma.
I, along with millions of Americans, got an instant refresher course in all things Dubya over the last couple of days. In some cases, George W. Bush's tenure at the White House was glossed over, but I didn't see very much that actually tried to play his presidency off as a success. Mostly, it was just polite and respectful. Perhaps too respectful for my taste. I know that my political ideology colors my views, but to be fair, much of my current ideology was shaped in reaction to the eight years of Bush/Cheney! And watching that little weasel on television with his insipid answers to vapid questions (Q: What do you do with your time; A: Paint 2-3 hours a day!) just brought it all back. How embarrassed I was watching him represent our country.

Listen, I'll cop to having a case of Bush Derangement Syndrome, but unlike current sufferers of Obama Derangement Syndrome, I had an honest, earned case of it. There wasn't as much making crap up then, inventing things to get torqued about. Oh, we nitpicked, sure. And we wondered what that boxy thing was on his back during the debate. And why he had that weird gyrating jaw when he talked. Wondered what the real story was behind the pretzel incident, and the falling off the bike incidents. . .mostly, all of that stuff just made us wonder if he was still on the sauce or the blow. But we didn't question his paternity, his citizenship, his religion, his sexuality or his patriotism. We thought he was a dolt, in over his head, with a collection of incompetents and/or amoral opportunists working for him. I could write a 10,000 word post for all of the solid reasons why I despised the Dubya Bush administration, but will save time, and just refer you to the bulk of this blog from its inception until January 20, 2009!

My take on best uses for the RNC's new image. Like it?
And George, if you can't tell after that, NO! We don't miss you yet! NO! We will not thank you for anything but leaving and going away. And, Mr. Reince Priebus, if you think that stupid sticker is going to work wonders for the RNC, I've got to think you're demented. Many Bush voters are loathe to admit it now. Fewer would display any kind of "W" sticker on their car. And any revenue you gain from this little endeavor is more likely to be overshadowed by the scorn heaped upon it. And also very likely to generate a whole new internet meme built ironically around it. I'll do my part.

Get yours here though, if you feel moved: Republican National Committee


  1. "Listen, I'll cop to having a case of Bush Derangement Syndrome.."
    I knew it!!!! You finally came clean!

  2. Finally? Oh, I've admitted it before. You ready for a confession?


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