Friday, April 12, 2013

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Michelle Obama Over Eulogy

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I know that Rush Limbaugh is essentially a troll (a drug-addled, impotent troll), who lives for attention. But at some point, is there just no lower he can go? I mean, first you have him feeding his listeners' fathomless hatred for the First Lady, and then he's focusing his wrath on her eulogy for a shooting victim? Really? Is there a point where even his listeners say, "that's too far"? Ever?

In case you haven't noticed, dittoheads, Rush Limbaugh is a revolting pig.


Limbaugh Attacks Michelle Obama Over Her Remarks Expressing Sympathy For Shooting Victim

Rush Limbaugh responded to Michelle Obama's recent speech on gun reform by accusing her of having "a chip on [her] shoulder" about the U.S. and of doing "a disservice to the country."
On Wednesday, Obama delivered a speech in Chicago urging action to combat youth gun violence. In her remarks, Obama spoke of Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old Chicago high school student who was shot and killed in January, saying that Pendleton reminded her of herself at that age. . .

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  1. Looks like Limbaugh stole the idea from me.
    I think what Obama bragging about herself was awful and had no place in the eulogy. She basically put down the victim's family and put herself on a pedestal.
    Limbaugh was wrong about Obama has a chip on her shoulder. Obama has her head and nose so far up in the air and her life of privilege she doesn't have a chip on her shoulder.

  2. Wow. Dan, do you know how close that sounds to "uppity?"

    I have no idea why you and so man others on the right hate this woman so much. You do realize that on the whole, she's very popular, right?

    I don't remember other first ladies getting anything close to this treatment. Certainly not Laura Bush. Barbara Bush got a little kid glove humor from SNL. Nancy Reagan was lampooned, but not outright hated, and now is seen in a very positive light. The only one I can think of that got anywhere near this level of nastiness was: Hillary Clinton. What is it with you guys?


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