Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rachel Maddow Grills David Axelrod on Social Security/Chained CPI

Yeah, I'm not a fan of this guy.
When I hear "chained CPI," my eyes roll back in my head. When I hear liberals--particularly liberals I like--whining about something that makes my eyes do that, I do a double face-palm. And when I hear liberals I barely tolerate doing the same thing, well, I kind of tune out. Now, let me back up and say that President Obama putting Social Security into a deficit conversation is rather irritating. One has nothing to do with the other. Social Security cutting and/or tweaking is a bone thrown to conservatives who have hated every element of the New Deal since they were invented. And no, I don't particularly like throwing bones to Mitch McConnell and John Boner Boehner. Lettuce and bourbon (respectively) would seem like a better toss.

But you know what? Time and again, the Prez has shown himself to know pretty much what he's doing. He may misstep, he may lose one here and there. But more often than not, he ends up pretty much where he wants to be. The first three years of his Presidency, liberal gays were shrieking (it wasn't pretty) about where our "fierce advocate" was, and then he came through. Solidly. I'm trusting him here to know what he's doing. I'm cool with people like Bernie Sanders raising a ruckus, go to town, do it, fine. But the whining and hand-wringing is making me nuts.

So, I really appreciated Rachel Maddow's line of attack on her current colleague, former Obama insider David Axelrod. I never liked him, nor most people who serve in his position for any president, or candidate. Rachel didn't whine, but asked pointed, repeated and very, very insistent questions.  Axelrod didn't quite crumble, but you can't say Rachel didn't try.

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  1. Mr. Obama: Do you REALLY want to throw Grandma off the train?
    Do you REALLY want to throw disabled vets under the bus?
    Is THIS the Barack Obama we voted for?
    Is THIS the Barack Obama that we believed in?

    This is not a "Grand Bargain" Sir.
    Your “chained C.P.I.” proposal
    (for Social Security /Disabled Veteran Cost of Living DECREASES)
    is nothing but a GRAND BETRAYAL.
    It’s a betrayal of the ideals and the programs
    that Democrats have fought for ....long and hard ....over the years.
 Don't make me ASHAMED of being a lifelong Democrat, and your supporter, Mr. President.
And you SURELY don’t try to balance the budget on the
backs of the most vulnerable!...while the super-rich laugh all the way to the bank, and their off shore tax havens.
That’s not compromise - it’s capitulation ...and shameful.

    Any person in Congress who votes for this proposal 
will live to regret it - because we will not forget:
    not at the polls, ....not at the primaries ....and not at the fund raisers.

    Unfortunately, it looks like you’re not much of a fighter, Mr. President. 
Well, you've got a HELL of a fight on your hands now, -unless you come to your senses.

    You keep on trying to “compromise” towards the so-called “middle”-
while they laugh at you, and keep moving the goalposts to the right.
Again, ...and again, ...and again! 
Stop --- and stand your ground, Sir!
    Please, make us proud of you again.

  2. I appreciate your passion, and I appreciate your patronage, Stanchaz. And believe me, I've gotten energized by many issues over 10,000+ posts on this blog. I guess this just isn't my issue, or I'm burned out on outrage. Maybe I'll join in if this actually goes anywhere. But keep at it. You don't sound like a whiner, you sound like you've got spirit! I'll catch the next one.


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