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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Robin Williams' Moving Tribute to Jonathan Winters

Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters and Pam Dawber,
the cast of Mork & Mindy from NYT
Robin Williams often spoke of his admiration of Jonathan Winters, and got to work with him on the last season of Mork & Mindy. Winters was Williams' comic inspiration, so I expected that he'd have something to say about the comedy legend's passing a few days ago. And he didn't disappoint.


A Madman, but Angelic

. . ."Jonathan’s improvs on “Mork & Mindy” were legendary. People on the Paramount lot would pack the soundstage on the nights we filmed him. He once did a World War I parody in which he portrayed upper-class English generals, Cockney infantrymen, a Scottish sergeant no one could understand and a Zulu who was in the wrong war. The bit went on so long that all three cameras ran out of film. Sometimes I would join in, but I felt like a kazoo player sitting in with Coltrane. . ."

Read it at: New York Times

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