Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sam Seder: Conservative Radio Host Wants Bill O'Reilly Hanged for Marriage Stance

Here's Deace with his motto, and a quote from the Huckster. Ugh.
One nice thing about having your own blog is reporting on the little things that bug you. Or the big things.  One of the things that bugs me is a radio host named Steve Deace out of Iowa. Now, I live in Nevada, so this really should be completely off of my radar, right? Except for a few degrees of separation, little filaments that connect A to B, or maybe M in this case.

See, I'm what some call "gay married," (though I just call it married), and my husband was born and raised in Iowa. Also, though I went to school in Ohio, one of my classmates became a conservative pastor in Iowa. Through Facebook, I became reacquainted with the pastor, and through him I became acquainted with Steve Deace. All of this Facebooking happened during the time when Iowa approved same-sex marriage, and began marrying gay couples. The pastor, the radio host, and other inter-connected "friends" got very vocal in this public forum about repealing marriage equality, with the "LUV: Let Us Vote!" campaign, spearheaded by the ultra-creepy perennial failed candidate Bob Vander Plaats. They also mounted a successful repeal of three of the judges responsible for the decision.
The Deace kids at the creation museum. Scary!

I'm not much of a shit-stirrer on the subject, or at least I try not to be confrontational. But when I see something that really rubs me the wrong way, I sometimes can't help interjecting. This usually leads to a very lengthy back-and-forth, and I often have trouble just dropping it. It's difficult to discuss anything strictly on its merits because the ridiculousness and insulting tangents thrown at me can be a bit dizzying. But I often get kudos--usually privately--from people reading the interaction. And so, that's nice. The funny thing is, the people who post the incendiary remarks in the first place often bow out early, leaving the arguing to their friends and/or congregation.

Bill O'Reilly said gay marriage foes need
a better argument than "Bible thumping."
Steve Deace really didn't like that.
It is safe to say that I've ruffled some feather with both Deace and the pastor, and neither is very good at arguing marriage equality, because they are incapable of separating church and state in their minds (Deace even proudly displays photos of his family at the Creation Museum on his Facebook page, making me wonder if he has any reasoning skills at all). And I have to wonder what drives these overtly religious people to focus so strongly on gay people anyway. It leads my mind to all sorts of speculation, but that's neither here nor there.

All of that is a very long way to go to say that I'm a fan of Sam Seder, of The Majority Report, a show he used to have on Air America Radio with Janeane Garofalo. And Seder has discovered the inanity of Steve Deace, and the over-the-top reaction Deace has to anyone who disagrees with him on the topic of gay marriage. And I just thought I'd share. Take it, Sam. . .

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