Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tennessee Governor Strips LGBT Protections, Statewide

What are you going to do with that fist, Governor?
Image from source, Joe.My.God.
I'd really like for a conservative/Republican/tea partier to explain this to me. Let's assume a county or city passes some discrimination protections for gay people (or any other group). Why on earth should (or would) a governor sign a law to strip those protections away? What is gained here? Beyond basic meanness, what public good is served by wiping away laws made by elected officials? We're not talking un-Constitutional laws, we're talking about laws that are disliked by the fringe edge of a political party.

I'm aware that this sort of political regression is likely to die out over the next 10-30 years. The Governor of Tennessee is pandering to an aging group of homophobes that will eventually croak. And by the time I'm in my dotage, gay people won't have to put up with being political footballs anymore. But I tell you, I'm getting pretty fucking sick of this shit. And no, I don't feel the need to sugar coat it.


TENNESSEE: Governor Signs Bill Banning All Local LGBT Rights Laws

GOP Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam today signed the bill overturning Nashville's non-discrimination ordinance. The bill also effectively outlaws all local LGBT rights laws statewide as it bans any discrimination protections not already offered by the state. . .

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