Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Perspective: Obama Won The Debate?

Magic Mitt? Hardly. Image from The Telegraph.
As you can see if you scroll below, I was not a fan of the first 2012 presidential debate. I agree that the President turned in a lackluster performance, but I think the scale of his "defeat" has been vastly overblown, starting with the howling by some MSNBC pundits like Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz, and ending with the cartwheels and backflips on evidence at FOX "News." I think that Mitt Romney won sort of by default. It wasn't that Romney sparkled--he didn't--it's just that his bombast outshone Obama's subdued demeanor. Plus he lied a lot.

So, I fall in the both of them sucked category, and while disappointed in the President's performance, I'm not buying the Romney love. It remains to be seen if the conventional wisdom that gelled in the minutes and hours after the debate will remain set in the history books, but it bears mentioning that not everyone agrees with it. In fact, something like 1 in 4 people think that the President won the debate. And some have some pretty good arguments for it. I'm not saying I agree, but I like to see different views on a topic, so here you go.


Last night, Mitt Romney lost. Yes, you read that right

Barack Obama won last night’s debate. Or to be more precise, Mitt Romney lost it.  That’s obviously not the conventional view of the commentators or pollsters, who gave the GOP candidate a clear win. But that doesn’t matter. He still lost. . .

Read more at: The Telegraph

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