Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fashion Turns Scary: Extreme Hoodies

First photo from source, AFP
Second photo from source, Los Angeles Times

Kids these days. If they're not displaying their muffin-tops overspilling their hip-huggers, or wearing their pants somewhere barely north of their thighs, they're dressing like terrorists! And I thought Crocs were a hideous fashion statement!

[Excerpt 1]

Britons eye 'burkhas for boys' for Christmas

A jacket with sunglasses sewn into the hood, dubbed a "burkha for boys," is shaping up as a big Christmas hit within weeks of its release in Britain.

The garment has raised eyebrows in a country wary of so-called "hoodies," or young men wearing hooded coats, but police admit they can do nothing in the face of the anonymity it bestows on the wearer. . .

Read more at: AFP

[Excerpt 2]

Danger under the hood?

They're fashion statements to some, but to administrators in Orange County's Capistrano Unified School District, there's danger lurking under the hood. All six high schools last week banned hoodies from campus. . .

Read more at: Los Angeles Times

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