Monday, July 2, 2012

Anderson Cooper Comes Out

My hero. Image from NY Daily News.
Though the entire world now knows that Anderson Cooper has officially come out as gay, I couldn't let the occasion pass without a mention here on the blog. With Cooper's declaration, there are now fewer and fewer legit reasons for gay celebrities to remain closeted. At least Coop had the excuse that he often visited countries where his life could be in danger. Except for some lame comments that rhymed "Cooper" with "pooper," the news was pretty much met with a collective shrug.

Oh, it was a loud shrug. . .the topic was trending on Twitter all day. But, the comments were 10,000 variations of "yeah, so?" Everyone "already knew." The news is only the latest in a string of fairly low impact outings by gay celebrities. From Zachary Quinto to Matt Bomer to Jim Parsons, it would seem that we're largely past caring very much. Which is great. But it doesn't diminish the importance of the act. Every time someone as well known as Anderson Cooper comes out, more people realize that gay people are just people. And it becomes that much easier for other gay people.


Anderson Cooper reveals he's gay: 'I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud'

Yep, he's gay. CNN anchorman Anderson Cooper, for years protective of his private life, came out Monday. . .

Read more: NY Daily News

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