Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Romney Praises Israel's Universal Health Care (with Mandate!)

Newsweek says "wimp," I say "douche."
Image from source, Think Progress.
Really, how does Mitt Romney fit all of the cognitive dissonance in his head?


Romney Praises Israel’s Universal Health Care System, Which Includes Individual Mandate

Throughout his presidential campaign, Mitt Romney has been running away from the individual insurance mandate in the Affordable Care Act — even though a mandate is a cornerstone of the former Massachusetts governor’s health care reform law. “If I’m President of the United States, we’re gonna get rid of Obamacare and return, under our constitution, the 10th Amendment, the responsibility and care of health care to the people in the states,” Romney said during a GOP presidential debate. . .

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  1. I think Obamacare is more beneficial than Romney's objectives with regards to healthcare issues. It's good thing that posts like yours are updated online to help us decide on November.


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