Saturday, July 14, 2012

House Spends $50 Million in Futile Attempt to Kill "Obamacare"

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Here, America, is your party of fiscal responsibility. They've passed legislation to "kill Obamacare" thirty-three times. "Kill" is in quotes because they knew it wouldn't pass the Senate, and surely wouldn't pass a presidential veto. "Obamacare" is in quotes because it's called The Affordable Care Act, but you knew that.  But they're all in to end it, whatever you call it. And the funny thing is, as people discover the details of the ACA, the more they like it. By the time John Boner Boehner gets to the 35th or 38th try or so, public approval of the act will likely crest the 50% mark. After that, it's going to get dicier for the GOP.

But beyond that, they've spent fifty million dollars in this futile quest! And they knew it would fail! That's a lot of money on a political calculation that your message of "fiscal responsibility" won't be cancelled out by. . .you know. . .fiscal irresponsibility.


$50 million spent by GOP efforts to repeal Obamacare

They're fiscally conservative, you know. They know that they won't win a vote yet they've tried 33 times for show while sending the bill to the US taxpayer. Nice to see they're so serious about government spending, isn't it? . . 

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