Sunday, July 1, 2012

NBC's Revolution: What are the Odds This One Will Work?

I have seen a few promos for NBC's Revolution, and it makes me all excited, and the pre-teen version of myself. With my bookbag full of comics, and my fondness for Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk and the original Battlestar Galactica. It also captures my geeky affinity for dystopian future novels like Logan's Run, Alas Babylon, Fahrenheit 451, On the Beach, Brave New World, 1984 and more. But you know what it really does? It makes me say, "doomed."

Not only is Revolution on NBC--a seemingly moribund network--it is sci-fi/fantasy. And the track record for that on network television is worse than just spotty. I could rattle off a list of interesting but failed series in this genre, and I will: The Event, TerraNova, FlashForward, Firefly, Dollhouse, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Bionic Woman, Day One, Journeyman, Awake, Invasion, Threshold, V, and Life on Mars. I've dipped a toe in more than a few of these, and become ravenous fans of others. And my heart was crushed countless times. Rarely, a show like Lost or Fringe breaks through and is a hit like the former, or barely hangs on each season like the latter. Usually, they make half a season, sometimes a little longer.

And like those last two, Revolution is from the fertile brain of J.J. Abrams. Which is encouraging. But I've had my heart broken so many times. Dare I try again?

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