Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blast from the Past: 25 Years Ago

This week, in Blast from the Past, we revisit 1987, which is 25 years ago. I know, it's shocking to me too. I used to measure my age by imagining that a kid born when x happened would be old enough to drive, old enough to vote, whatever, when I thought back to a time. But I realize that kids born in 1987 are now old enough to be college grads, and married with children themselves. Isn't that freaky?

Those kids were either infants or not yet born when these songs were burning up the charts. How many of them feel like much newer songs to you? So off we go, in no particular order, other than these were all hits during 1987. . .

All of the songs above were number one hits, except the last six (Swing Out Sister, Hipsway, Breakfast Club, Pseudo Echo, T'Pau and The Other Ones, which were one-hit wonders I'm particularly fond of. Some of these songs are so mired in their very 80s-ness, it's not difficult to believe it's been 25 years. Others? Seem much more recent to me. Anyway, there's a little mortality to start your week with. Happy Monday!

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