Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sarah Silverman's Proposal to Sheldon Adelson (NSFW)

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As a Las Vegas resident for almost 18 years, I'm of course familiar with Sheldon Adelson, the rich dude who owns the Venetian. His name is big in town, as you'd expect. I knew that he was a conservative, and a bit eccentric. But I think for a while I had him confused with John Cleese's portrayal in Rat Race. Which means, I thought he was a harmless billionaire.

And then there was Newt. Adelson pretty much single-handedly kept Newt Gingrich in the Republican Primaries long past his expiration date. That's one guy (two if you count his wife) keeping a candidate in the race, through largesse. It's just odd. And now that Newton has bounced, Adelson is pumping money into supporting Mitt Romney. In this case, it isn't single-handed, but it could be. And it's all so puzzling. Before Obama was president, Adelson's holdings were hemorrhaging cash. In the last 3+ years, he's rebounded. Why does Obama scare him so? And should one guy have this much power?

Sarah Silverman has a proposition for Mr. Adelson. And being Sarah Silverman, she's not exactly ladylike about it. Or maybe she is, it depends upon your definition. But I will tell you that this us not safe for work. So, don't complain to me that it's dirty and tasteless. I just told you that.

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