Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why's it So Freakin' Hot?

When people back east complain about heat, I always roll my eyes. I live in Las Vegas, where we can go two or three months with over 100-degree temperatures. It's not rare to see 100 at midnight in the heart of August. And though the media will read 115 on some days, actual thermometers will go much higher (can't scare the tourists!).

But even I know that this year is different. It started getting hot here in April. June felt like July or August. And now, people in Ohio are apparently melting. It makes many people wonder, "Is it global warming? climate change? It isn't an unreasonable question. Of course, my right-wing friends no doubt think this is a psychological heat wave. Or some kind of Obama conspiracy. Well, what do the scientists say about it?


What's Behind The Record Heat?

Heat is beating records around the country: the first five months of 2012 have been the hottest on record in the contiguous United States. And that's not including June, when 164 all-time high temperature records were tied or broken around the country, according to government records.. .

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  1. Here in Wisconsin, the freakish warmth started in March. We had an entire week with highs around 80 in a month when we usually have snow on the ground. The Madison area normally gets over 4 inches of rain in June. This year we got about a third of an inch. But I'm grateful that we haven't experienced the destructive storms that have knocked out power in the northern part of the state (and several other states).


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