Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Romney Ad Uses 2008 Primary Hillary Clinton Ad Against Obama

I've caught this ad a couple of times on local Las Vegas television. The first time, it caused such a deep eye-roll, I probably looked a bit like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

"Really?!?" I thought. First off, if Mittens is going to dive into the 2008 primaries, using the tough Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama fight, that gives Obama license to use the much more recent (and much more relevant) 2012 Republican primary clown show. Secondly, the ad this was taken from was a late-in-the-game ad from the Hillary campaign, when the writing was on the wall that she couldn't win. It was a semantic argument, and the commercial was seen as over-the-top at the time it came out. Moreover, the President's criticism of Romney's outsourcing in his Bain days is relevant!

But at least it wasn't one of those annoying SuperPAC ads that allegedly doesn't support any particular candidate that oh-so-obviously does. The Supreme Court may have royally screwed us with the Citizens United decision, but there's just got to be some sort of enforcement mechanism to police what scant campaign laws we do have.

Here's an example of this crappy SuperPAC crappity-crap:

Now, right at the beginning of that ad, they say, "Barack Obama insists. . ." and then it goes into his gaffe where he said "The private sector is doing fine." Now, I'm not saying that gaffes aren't fair game. But you don't get to lie about them. The gaffe was addressed four hours later, very publicly. He certainly does not "insist" the private sector is doing fine, as this ad says, nor has he said it repeatedly as implied in the ad. So, while Romney is decrying Obama's "lies," his own SuperPAC is lying. Is this what they mean by non-coordination?

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