Friday, July 6, 2012

Problems With Blogger and with Links

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This post is a general query out there to anybody who uses Blogger. It's the Google-owned service for creating blogs. I've used it for over five years for Greenlee Gazette, and have recently encountered a problem. After I've posted a blog with source links, I've found that my link is broken. On a couple of occasions, Dan from has pointed out that my link didn't work. On each of those occasions (and on several others I've found myself), it wasn't so much that the link was broken, as that it was just flat-out wrong.

I just went through two pages of my posts, and found at least half were this way. Now, I've been doing this blog since 2007. . .I know what I'm doing! So, I wonder if any other Blogger bloggers have this issue? In each case, I get a nonsense link with "blog" in the name, and in each case, the usual "open in new window" command that I always use is not employed. Here are a couple of the false links I've found: [http://goog_624617935/]  [] []. Obviously, I didn't come up with these things by myself. Something is going on that is inserting these bad links. Anyone know what it is?


UPDATE: Since this post, I have written two posts with excerpted and linked articles. In both cases, I paid close attention to my copying and pasting of links, and the boxes I checked in the posting process. In one case, the link worked, in the other it was that garbage I mentioned above, and no checked boxes. So, this is definitely happening in the software, and is not a user problem!


  1. I have not had this problem, but I have recently had difficulty viewing the images on some of your posts. I will see them, but when I scroll down to read the whole post, they suddenly disappear (sometimes the text, too). The Blogger known issues page is no help, but a Google search found this discussion of another problem with Blogger links: The tech suggests changing the blog template, then changing it back. It's worth a try.

  2. Thanks, Jill. I think I'll just double-check my links immediately after posting from now on. It is weird though.

  3. The only problem I have had with my blog is with spell check, which was down for a week and then went back up after a week.
    How do you shrink your links into a word or 2?

  4. I shrink links when I paste them into a comment or on Facebook or Twitter, by using You paste in the long link, and it makes a short one for you. This bad links though, I have no idea how I get them, or where they come from.

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