Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ohio "Personhood" Effort Fails

What drives these people? Image from Raw Story.
I've said many times that abortion isn't my issue. There is virtually no one in my life who is affected by it, or will ever need to first-hand contemplate having one. But these "personhood" measures are so incredibly stupid, it isn't hard to come up with an opinion on it. Yes, there is a problem deciding where the line is, between sex and "personhood." When does a clump of cells become a person? But what I can say? The day after you have sex? I don't care how fertile you are, there is no "baby" the day after. And when you're talking about hormonal birth control, you're talking about preventing ovulation. No way, no how is an ovum a person. Thankfully, my home state--and this was not a foregone conclusion--was not willing to go along with one of these ludicrous "personhood" dealies. . .or at least they were unwilling to sign the petition. Thank you, Ohio, for not embarrassing me. This time.


Ohio personhood campaign aborted after signature drive implodes

An Ohio campaign that sought to change the state’s constitution to ban all abortions and hormonal birth control drugs was itself aborted on Tuesday evening after organizers revealed that they had failed miserably at collecting the necessary voter signatures. . .

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