Thursday, July 19, 2012

Conspiracy Corner: Hawaii Fights Back, Arpaio Proven Wrong

It is fortunate that in what is often a FOX "News"/Rush Limbaugh-led media, that the "birther" conspiracy theory(s) haven't gone completely mainstream. Sure, it's big enough that many people know what it is about. But it is the rare individual who takes any of it seriously.

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The birthers threatened to break through on Tuesday, when Arizona's batshit crazy Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his anachronistically named "Cold Case Posse" had a big press conference. Sheriff Joe pronounced Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate (actually the PDF scan of it) a forgery. He had the alleged testimony of a 95-year-old hospital worker, and some 50-year-old penciled notations. And that was really about it. One of those notations was a "9" written in the margin. Arpaio used this to declare the document a forgery. But he and his posse lied about what the 9 meant. Surprise, surprise!


Code “9”: the Cold Case Posse’s big lie

I have debunked so much demonstrably false “birther evidence” that I sometimes lose perspective about levels of “bunk” and levels of “demonstrable.” Based on the reactions of others, I may have done something last year that applies to something high on the “bunk” scale today as well as high on the “demonstrable” scale amounting to what Joe Biden might call a BFD, and the smoking gun showing the Cold Case Posse fabricated evidence and lied. . .

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Hawaii strikes back

The State of Hawaii has repeatedly confirmed the indisputable evidence of President Obama’s birth in Hawaii. An exhaustive accounting of this is provided on the State Department of Health (DOH) website ( When this issue last arose in May, the Washington Post noted that “the Hawaii Department of Health has released both the short and long forms of the president’s birth certificate; and that all this information, along with clear-as-a-bell explanations, is available to the public online. . .”

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  1. Personnally, I think the birth certificate Obama gave is a fake, only because the man is totally dishonest and wants to hide everything. Why not release his college records? His social security card seems to be fake and so is his selective service.
    The question is why would he do this and for that, I have idea why.
    And even if everything was a fake, so what? Nothing can happen to him, we can't take back the last 3 years and now that he is in office, the Supreme Court probably has no jurisdiction anyways.
    So, even if it was a fake, there is nothing you can do about it.

  2. Dan, the State of Hawaii has repeatedly, strenuously vouched for the document.

    I've followed a lot of this stuff, and at every turn, the claims have been bogus. Often times, they're just plain ridiculous. Why would the President need fake Selective Service or Social Security cards? What business is it of ours about his college records? Are you really in with the birthers, even a little bit?

    Go to the links I sent you. Look up the subjects you brought up here. I'll wager there are refutations of both of them. All of this is--to me--disturbing, and shows a deep desire to believe that Barack Obama is NOT ONE OF US. A desire to see him as "other" and "illegitimate." I still have to ask, what is it about THIS president that inspires such feelings?


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