Monday, July 2, 2012

Rupert Murdoch: "Doubtful" Romney Will Beat Obama in 2012

I'm not entirely sure that this isn't something
from Jim Henson's Creature Shops.
The Eye of Mordor  Emperor Palpatine   Satan   Rupert Murdoch has spoken, and in his eminence has proclaimed that it is unlikely that Willard "Mittens" Romney shall be victorious over Barack Hussein Obama in the November 2012 election contest of we mere mortals here in the United States of America. And this, despite the fact that Herr Murdoch is running the most ratings-drenched of the so-called "news networks" on cable and satellite television. His propaganda station is spending neigh 95% of its airtime to painting the Obama Administration as the second coming of Hitler. And even he thinks the RomBot 3000 has a long row to hoe. Good.


Rupert Murdoch: 'Doubtful' That Romney Will Beat Obama In 2012 Election

Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter on Sunday to weigh in the U.S. presidential election.
"Met Romney last week. Tough O Chicago pros will be hard to beat unless he drops old friends from team and hires some real pros. Doubtful," he wrote.  He added: "US election is referendum on Obama, all else pretty minor. . ."

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