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Pennsylvania Latest Voter ID State

This sort of thing used to really bother conservatives.
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See, here's the thing I don't get. . . Several years ago, here in Nevada, there was a battle being waged by the American Independent Party to be recognized as a force in the state. Not independents, mind you, this was a party that used the word in their name, probably to confuse voters into think they actually were independents. No, they were extraordinarily fringy right-wingers, and they also seemed to be related to each other. Hanson? Hansen? Something like that. Anyway, the AIP was really irritated about having to have government IDs. No driver licenses for the AIP! It's downright un-American!

So, it's weird that there is a GOP-headed effort to pass voter ID laws all over the country. The funny thing about it is, they have a really good messaging campaign behind this one. It make sense, sounds reasonable (but contains just a hint of that GOP-brand meanness). I mean, who doesn't have ID? Honestly! You need an ID to rent a video (if people still did that). You need an ID to buy J├Ągermeister. And who wants a bunch of phony voters using dead peoples' names, cartoon character names, voting once, twice, a dozen times? So, it sounds like it makes hella sense, right?

And it does. Except that there aren't throngs of fake voters out there (other than Ann Coulter and perhaps one Willard Mitt Romney, but more on that later). In fact, actual voter fraud is vanishingly rare. So, is this one of those "solutions in search of a problem" laws that conservatives are always accusing liberals of? Yes and no. Actually, this was the solution to a different problem: how do conservatives prevent at least a slice of the Democratic electorate from voting? Because that is the reason for Voter ID laws, no matter how good the justification for them is. And it isn't just guesswork, or some wacky conspiracy theory either. They're actually admitting it.


Smile, Pennsylvania, You No Longer Have To Suffer The Agony Of Voting!

Good video, Pennsylvania! Very melting pot and clear-skinned and chipper, we’re sure! There may be a little bit of an omission about how 10 percent of your voting populace won’t get to actually vote under your new voter ID law, but we’re sure if they just show up with the birth certificate and the marriage certificate and the name-change order from when they got their sex change and also four other forms of photo ID all notarized and with the raised seal (AND DON’T FORGET THE LONG-FORM!), they too can get state-approved papers in order to exercise their constitutional right of suffrage. . . 

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  1. Troy NY, 4 people convicted of voter fraud and possibly threw an election.
    Wisconsin, numerous convictions of voter fraud.
    Clark County, ACORN and 2-3 employees convicted of voter registration fraud, trying to get hundreds of false names on the voter rolls.
    This is just the tip of the ice berg.
    Though you will disagree, Al Fraken got in on voter fraud and in Washington State, a governors race was stolen.
    There have been numerous other cases of alleged voter fraud throughout the country.
    Hell, you guys got Bush and Florida and Ohio.
    So, I think that voter ID is a legitimate issue because when there is voter fraud on one side, you disenfranchise another voter.
    Finally, most states have provisions to get ID's to everyone- the elderly, those who don't drive, the poor, the disabled, etc. So, I am in favor of voter ID.

  2. BTW, i just don't why I have problems loading your pages. It took me about 3 tries and 30 minutes to reach this page.

  3. Dan, there is no evidence of significant voter fraud in the Al Franken election or the Washington State governor's race. Every election year, Republicans put out press releases with allegations of egregious fraud. When those allegations are investigated, they turn out to be almost entirely fictional or simple cases of administrative errors (like all those "dead" voters in the Carolinas who turned out to be alive after all). You are basing your opinion on those inflammatory press releases and ignoring the findings of the follow-up investigations.

  4. Voter registration fraud isn't voter fraud. And If I'm not mistaken, the ACORN "employees" were contract workers the sent out to get signatures, and some fluffed it. ACORN reported it, as they were supposed to do.

    Al Franken's election as far as I know, had no voter fraud, nor Washington. . .sources? Actual voter fraud is when a person votes when they were not supposed to. That's what Voter ID is supposed to stop, and it is vanishingly rare.

    The fact remains, the reason for Voter ID is voter suppression of Democrats. The "official" reasoning--as I said--sounds REALLY GOOD. It's just not the real reason they're doing it.

    As for loading the page, I'm in the dark. I just clicked your email link, and I was here in seconds on my work computer.

  5. Some links on voter fraud:


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