Monday, July 16, 2012 Becomes

The big switch. Whoopee! Image from AdWeek.
Isn't that headline just the most thrilling thing ever? Yeah, I know. I can't figure the fuss out either. So, Microsoft has ended its business deal with NBC. They haven't been part of the cable station for years. Still, some conservatives are having schadenfreudegasms over the news. Let them have their fun. was different from the channel, and it looks like the renamed site will continue to be. Party on, dudes. Whatever.


NBC, Comcast draw a line between MSNBC website, TV channel

NBC News and Comcast Corp. moved on Monday to fix brand confusion between the MSNBC 24-hour cable news show, whose ratings have surged with liberal commentators Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz, and the straight-news news website. . .

Read more at: Boston Herald

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