Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lawrence O'Donnell Rewrites Christian Boycott of Google

Boycott THIS! I dare you! (Click to embiggen)
This is just entertaining as hell. The AFA (American Family Ass.) is a group of busybodies who wants all of America to follow their strict idea of religion. Their many spinoffs, compatriots and copycat groups almost uniformly--and curiously single-mindedly--exist to make life hard for gay people. Sure, some of them are obsessed with abortion too, but it's mostly the gays. . .they just hate the gays!

Anyway, the AFA and the Million Moms (who apparently can't count) and others have pledged to boycott any company that supports The Gay and/or The Gay Marriage. Unfortunately for them--if they wish to remain consistent at least--they're going to have to travel with detailed binders, because lots of corporations support gay rights. Kraft and General Mills make half the items in the grocery store, and both support The Gay. They can't use an iPhone or an iPod or a MacBook to keep track of what not to buy, because Apple is so gay their logo used to be rainbow-colored. No Microsoft computers, phones or tablets, Bill Gates is too gay friendly. They can't use an Android phone or tablet because Google is very gay friendly too. So, get out them binders!

It's Google that caught the eye of the host of The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, who levels a devastating "Rewrite" segment at the AFA and their like-minded friends. It has to do with the Christian right's ironic obsession with porn. Enjoy!

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