Monday, July 2, 2012

Conservative Kid Hero Grows Up; Abandons Conservatism

A few weeks ago, when that 14-year-old conservative radio host, Caiden Cowger was in the news, I couldn't quite believe it. Not that a 14-year-old would have strong opinions, or that he might use the internet to host a political show. That anybody besides other 14-year-olds would listen to him, or give his opinions much credence. Nobody that young--no matter how bright--has enough life experience to be taken seriously in such a forum. Any adult who would cop to being a fan (except maybe his mother) should be ashamed.

And then, I remembered Jonathan Krohn, the kid who wowed CPAC in 2009. So, this "conservatives-taking-conservative-kids-seriously" thing isn't new. And they're not embarrassed. But the kid grew up, and ditched his extreme views. Which is sad for CPAC, but great for the kid. He is obviously bright, and well-spoken, so it's good that he's not using his powers for evil anymore. And I'm positive, conservatives have now stopped taking him seriously. They're probably watching Toddlers & Tiaras for their next big star.


GOP Teen Idol Jonathan Krohn Defects From Conservative Movement

For the average high-schooler, experimenting with new groups of friends and leaving old cliques behind is a typical rite of passage. Former Republican wunderkind Jonathan Krohn is no exception. . .

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