Friday, November 9, 2012

Mitt Romney "Shell-Shocked" by Election Result

Poor Mittens. Image from source,
It is very difficult not to feel a huge wave of schadenfreude, even days after President Obama's decisive reelection victory. Especially when you find out that the Romney team--and Mitt Romney himself--was so deeply into the Right Wing World bubble, that they believed the spin, rather than reality. It is also difficult not to feel compassion for Romney, Paul Ryan and their wives. When you really believe you are going to win, and then the rug is pulled out from you at the last minute? That's gotta hurt. So, it is with a mixture of chuckles and "awwws" that I read this story. What's your take?


Adviser: Romney "shellshocked" by loss

Mitt Romney's campaign got its first hint something was wrong on the afternoon of Election Day, when state campaign workers on the ground began reporting huge turnout in areas favorable to President Obama: northeastern Ohio, northern Virginia, central Florida and Miami-Dade. Then came the early exit polls that also were favorable to the president. . .

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