Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Would a Patriot Secede?

I know I've already talked about this subject, but it's irking me. Okay, it's a fairly new meme, at most a couple of days old. But already, I'm sick of the "20 states are petitioning the government to secede from the United States." It was a cute little protest movement by people who were butt-hurt over an election that didn't go their way. There is a section on that lets anyone start a petition. If you get enough signatories, you get a response from the White House. And--big whoop--if any of these 20 (probably more than 20 by now) gets enough people to sign on, presumably an embarrassed President Obama meekly saying "please don't do it!" in front of a joint session of Congress or something.

It isn't surprising that the secession "movement" has caught a bit of buzz. It's funny in an odd way that anyone would take it even half-seriously. The reason this bugged me again, is today on our local Vegas right-wing chatter AM station (one of them anyway), the host--a dolt named Kevin Wall--did several segments on the story as if it were a terrific idea. Think of all those federal taxes that would instead go to our state! Our schools! Yeah, except it would mean no federal support. On anything. It would require a passport for tourists to come to Las Vegas. It would require a currency exchange too. Not to mention the fact that Nevada went for Obama. Those are just three of hundreds of reasons why it's a bad idea. Strike that, it's a ridiculous idea, made doubly so by the fact that the same people that profess patriotism would so casually separate from the country.

President Obama won, and will be President until January 2017. Live with it you whiny little faux "patriots."


  1. Well, we would get more money because we give more to the Fed's than we get back. then we would get rid of Harry Reid, which would be a great plus.
    As far as gambling, Monte Carlo does pretty good. And we would probably get some decent foreign aid from Washington D.C., especially since Obama loves coming here for his Tiger Woods moments.
    Only problem would be our exports/imports. We would have to import food, oil, clothes etc. And we would export what? X rated videos? Zappos products?
    We could always become part of Mexico, considering how many ex-pats we have here.
    As far as education money, we get very little from the Feds and far less than they have promised.
    So, look at the bright side.

  2. Good. I'm glad to see you're not taking it seriously!


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