Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rush Limbaugh Lied to His Listeners About Election

Every sentient human who has ever listened to Rush Limbaugh knows that he is a dishonest man. You know it every time he says "Democrat Party." Rush says it like that--without the "ic" in "Democratic"--not because he doesn't know the proper wording. He says it because he knows it plays well with his audience. A small, but constant lie. But Rush tells much larger lies. And they are lies. Unlike a Sean Hannity, who I'm convinced is a dolt, and that he might actually believe what Mark Levin gives him to say, Rush knows better. He's a political showman. And he's an expert at knowing just how to play his audience, and what blend of truth, fiction, scare tactics, humor and warm fuzzies to feed his audience.

Occasionally, Rush will come right out and tell you he's lying. But even when he's lying, it's layered. He lies to cover a lie, and the contradiction reveals the lie. You follow me? Okay, to have it layed out for you (are you from Rio Linda?), watch this. You may start to see how Rush plays his audience

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  1. I don't doubt anything you say. Limbaugh is a showman, out for audience share. He does play of the fears of the audience, many who aren't that smart-I'll admit.
    And I'm glad you gave Levin props- he is the best and smartest talk show guy out there- left or right And he's quite funny. Sucks he is on late at night- at least for me.


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