Friday, November 16, 2012

Karl Rove in More Trouble?

Yeah, keep smilin' Karl. . .

As an atheist, I can't pray without feeling like an idiot. But I can still cross my fingers and hope like nobody's business. Oh great noodly FSM, please do me a solid, and let me see a Karl Rove frog-march before I die?


Watchdog: Karl Rove And His Crossroads GPS Broke Election Law By Failing To Disclose Donors

I've been waiting so long. . .oh please, oh please!
. . .Federal law requires any outside group that makes an independent expenditure to disclose the donors who contributed to pay for such ads. Groups like Crossroads GPS normally evade this law by claiming none of their contributions were earmarked for a specific purpose. At an August 2012 fundraiser, however, Rove said an anonymous donor gave Crossroads GPS $3 million specifically for the Ohio Senate race, and told Rove it was a “matching challenge” dependent on the group raising another $3 million for the race. Crossroads GPS ended up spending $6.36 million on independent expenditures in the Ohio race, but did not disclose any donors in nine reports the group filed with the FEC. . .

Read more at: Think Progress

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