Friday, November 30, 2012

Captain Obvious: No, FOX "News," Straight Marriage Isn't Over

"The Stupid! It Burns!" It's one of my favorite internet memes, because it will never be outdated, never be out of place. There will always be stupidity in massive quantities in America. And one of the most stupid statements? That "gay marriage" (or same-sex marriage, or marriage equality) becoming legal will somehow impact, invalidate or destroy "traditional" opposite-sex marriage.

I suspect the notion comes from the no shades of gray, lack of nuance, binary, black-and-white way of thinking you find amongst many conservatives. It's a very simplistic, shallow way of thinking, really. In reality, same-sex marriages are legal in several states and municipalities, and it has had no effect on opposite-sex marriages. This is no longer a hypothetical question. People still get straight-married in Massachusetts (and stay married!), many years after Adam and Steve (or Addie and Eve) have legally been allowed to marry. The fact that I'm married to someone of my own sex does not make the practice mandatory, only possible. It doesn't prevent anyone from having a straight marriage, or encourage anyone who hadn't already realized they were gay to marry someone of their own sex.

Frankly, the very notion is bizarre. But it really should come as no surprise that the folks on FOX "News" are confused about it, and very upset. Or, rather, they know that their audience is confused and upset about it, and know exactly who they are playing to.


Fox News analyst panics over same sex marriage licenses: ‘What will happen to heterosexual marriage?’

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. is terrified that society as we know will change “forever” if Washington state moves forward with creating gender-neutral marriage certificates. . . .

Read more at: Raw Story

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