Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ohio Republican Senate Candidate's In-Laws Take Out Ad Against Him!

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My brother is going to be tickled by this one. Of all the races beyond the presidential one, the Sherrod Brown/Josh Mendel fight is what gets to my brother. Brown is very popular with liberals, and has honestly seemed to care for his constituency. Mandel--by all accounts I've heard--(and I'm from Ohio) is a twerpy weasel. Apparently some in his family think so too. And I find it particularly ironic that a guy who blows up my gaydar is openly, brazenly homophobic. Ah, irony.


Josh Mandel's In-Laws Call Him Out on Anti-Gay Stance in Newspaper Ad

What does it say about the character of a candidate when he can't even garner the support of his own relatives? This is a question that many Ohioans should be left to ponder, as it has been revealed that Mandel's own family does not support his anti-gay views. In an advertisement taken out in the Cleveland Jewish News, Mandel's wife's cousins published an open letter in which they publicly lambasted him for his stance on same-sex marriages, gays and lesbians serving in the military, and general anti-inclusive beliefs. . .

Read more at: The Cleveland Leader

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