Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fun Republican Freak Outs, Take 2: Donald Trump

Donald Trump belongs to a group of media whores (others include Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter) who exist to spark controversy, in order to get on the teevee machine to talk about said controversy. So, it is always an internal battle when I say something on the blog about any of them. If we could all agree to ignore them, they would just go away. But, sometimes, The stupid! It burns!

I watched The Donald™ finally lose whatever grasp of reality he was tenuously holding onto, live on my Twitter feed. To wit:

After this, Trump should fade into oblivion. His desperate pleas for attention have gotten stupider, and more brazenly crazed. The man has always been something of a freak show, but there is nothing left worth the attention he gets. I will stand by my policy of only reporting on this jackass if it is to make fun of him, and to skewer that ridiculous rodent on his head.


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