Monday, November 12, 2012

Allen West Still Will Not Concede

This is what crazy looks like. Image from Salon.
The Republican Party of late--infused with the nutty tea baggers--has no shortage of crazy. But no one this side of Michele Bachmann has their crazy so fully on display as Rep. Allen West of Florida. Or rather, soon-to-be-former Rep. Allen West. You know how paranoid Obama haters are saying that if he'd lost the election, he wouldn't have left the White House? That's kind of what's going on with West: he simply won't concede.

It would be rude to call West a "token" African American in the GOP, but it isn't far off. After all, Rush Limbaugh wields West (and Condoleezza Rice and Clarence Thomas) as a talisman against charges of racism in the Republican Party. I heard him doing it as recently as Monday afternoon. For me, it says all I need to know that this wack-a-doodle is held up by Republicans as some sort of example of. . .well. . .anything, really. He's nuts.


Over his dead body!

Democrat Patrick Murphy declared victory in Florida after a partial recount found that he has a lead of 2,400 votes. But Allen West still refuses to concede. . .

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