Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rachel Maddow: It's Time to Pop the Conservative Bubble

Fans of Rachel Maddow know that one of her biggest strengths is in her narrative-driven, educational storytelling. She manages to get several points across in a fact-rich, easy to understand way. She's Glenn Beck without the crazy, or the tears or the. . .well, everything else.

But the drawback in Rachel's style is in sharing her nuggets of wisdom. The clip below is more than 16 minutes long! So, while the whole thing is good--great in fact--you should know that at just about 9 minutes in, there's a terrific composite of FOX "News" and their disbelief at the election results. At just over 12 minutes, there is a must-see deconstruction of the conservative bubble, how it led to to utter shock when Mitt Romney lost, and how the bubble needs to be popped in order for America to properly function as a democracy.

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I have an alternate plan. I'm hoping that when conservatives get past shock, anger, denial, bargaining and acceptance, that they take their tea party into an official Tea Party Party. I want their purity test into a viable Tea Party candidate. I want the bubble to be moved around that party, and for the Republicans to soldier on with the reasonable, non-crazy Republicans. This way, everybody's happy, we no longer have a two-party system. . .and Democrats win for at least the next several cycles. 

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