Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching Up With the News #2: Horrible Anti-gay Attack in New York

This past weekend, I was a lazy blogger. There were a few big stories I meant to blog about, but I got busy doing. . .nothing. So, in case you missed them too, here's what I skipped for a few days. . . 

Image from source, FOX "News"

The news about a rash of teen suicides related to the bullying they took for their homosexuality has been heartbreaking, and shocking.  They don't seem to have been related or influenced by each other, they just happened in a string; half a dozen in a couple of weeks.  In reality, it may be that this sort of thing happens much more often that we think, and that the news just happened to focus on it right now.  And that's a very sad thought.  There's now a new project called "It Gets Better," a YouTube series initiated by sex columnist Dan Savage.  It's an uplifting series of  testimonials from older gay people, telling their younger "selves" that it gets better.

Dan's right, it does get better. For most of us. But disturbing things like the story excerpted below still--in 2010--still happen with all-too-often regularity.  Wait, scratch that. Anti-gay attacks and comments happen too often. What happened here is fortunately the extreme end of it.  If karma is real, these guys are in for an unpleasant prison stint.


8 Suspects Arraigned in New York City Anti-Gay Attack

Gang members used an anti-gay slur to ask two teen boys and a 30-year-old man about their sexuality before brutally torturing and beating them last week in a working-class Bronx neighborhood, authorities said in court, where eight suspects stood with drooped heads at their first appearance as their relatives wept behind them. . .

Read more at (yes): FOX News

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