Friday, October 29, 2010

Sharron Angle Bans Press, Won't Take Questions

As much as I dread the possibility of a Republican takeover of our politics (still hoping not), one of the many things I'm dreading, is the charge of "sore loser."  What do I mean? Only that if that scenario comes to pass on Tuesday, any negative reporting of that fact will be met with those cat calls.  We've heard it before. . .in fact, we heard it for eight fricking years.

A short two years later, America has inexplicably (apparently) flipped back to the same force of negativity that swamped the economy, and ruled with a hammer. They will name us sore losers, but have shown themselves to be the worst winners  possible. And they will again. One more time, we will have to endure a stunning blindness to their own behavior. The tea party is a collection of sore losers. They'll tell you that they were a response to President Obama's policies, but that isn't true. Considering that the tea party formed mere weeks after Obama's inauguration, there simply wasn't time. But what's truth? It apparently has very little place in our politics these days.

In fact, all the rules seem to be out the window. Sharron Angle, the brightest star on the hybrid tea bagger/GOP elephant, wants us to pretend she's never had extreme positions. She expects the media to ask her only the questions she wants asked, as though they are there for her promotion only. She thinks she can simply set the rules for the press, and get away with it. The sad thing is, she IS getting away with it.  I'm frankly baffled by her viability. In no other election cycle would she have had any hope of getting elected to national office.


Angle spokeswoman bans 2 Las Vegas TV stations from election night party for asking questions

Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle's campaign is banning two Las Vegas television stations from covering the candidate's election night party as punishment for asking questions without permission. . .

Read more at: Washington Examiner


  1. I don't blame Angle for being pissed at the media. I mean, if you are tired and just want to go home or where you are going to rest, you don't want the media to ambush you. I am sure most politicians are the same. I am sure the same goes for Reid. Does the media meet Reid when he gets off the plane. Don't know, but if they do, it is at his invitation.
    People need privacy, be it a politician or celebrity, or us little people and the media should respect that.

  2. I saw Harry Reid being interviewed by Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell this week. "Friendly territory" you might say, but not all of their questions were comfortable ones. Sharron Angle on the other hand had shunned almost all reporters' questions. I just read a column by George Knapp, who says he's been unable to get an interview. . .EVER.

    This is a freedom of the press issue. Sharron thinks she doesn't have to answer them. Or engage them. This isn't just paparazzi.

  3. Sharron is kickin' Harry's ass. She is free to ignore the donkey media as she pleases. She is free, and doesn't need your permission to do anything. Deal with it.

    Harry's only hope is to steal the election, which has already started in NV, and also numerous other places across the country.

    Caution about stealing elections: It's a capital offense.


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