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Halloween Horrors: Top 10 BAD Horror Movies

Yep, it's another re-run. But Halloween's a-comin', and we're running out of time to prepare for a horror movie marathon! And sometimes, you've just got to have a really tacky--but still fun!--vintage horror film.

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I got to thinking of other lists I've posted about horror movies--scary, funny, classic--and realized I'd neglected a whole cache of horror movies. Those movies that are so bad, they're good. Well, "good" might be too strong. But for one reason or another, these really bad horror movies found their way into my heart. See what you think.

Greenlee Gazette's Top 10 BAD Horror Movies

1. Sleepaway Camp (1983) - A legendary bad horror film. It tries to jump on the bandwagon of Friday the 13th, and its ilk, and does so supremely badly. It has a (SPOILER ALERT!) Crying Game twist ending! It also sets up two sequels, which were intentionally bad.

2. It's Alive! (1974) - What's scarier than a twisted, mutant, killer baby? Maybe the stuntman crawling under a baby costume? Hilariously bad, as are its sequels. You've got to hand it to them, It Lives Again! is a terrific name for a sequel.

3. Prom Night (1980) - Trying to cash in on Halloween, this film actually landed Jamie Lee Curtis in the starring role. Stretching the "holiday" theme of other successful horror films, this one has a lame killer, with a lamer reason for being a killer. Still, they remade it in 2008 anyway. And it was worse.
4. Night of the Creeps (1986) - OK, this one may have been intentionally bad. But I'm not sure. It does employ cheapie horror staple Tom Atkins. And has some very funny (ooh, I mean scary) effects. Good for a laugh. But not much more than that.

5. Truth or Dare? - A Critical Madness (1986) - Not the Madonna documentary. No, this abysmally bad horror film is a rarity--no one I've ever talked to has heard of it. A seemingly ordinary man goes bananas, and starts killing people, most hilariously a bunch of people at a bus stop. You will sit with your mouth agape at the badness of this film. Rare, but if you can find it, have fun. Amazingly, there have been two sequels and another one is planned!

6. Squirm (1976) - Killer worms. I'm not kidding. My favorite part is when one of the unlucky ladies decides to take a shower, and worms come out of the shower head. We went to see this at the drive-in when I was a kid, thinking the double-play of this and the film below was a single film, Tentacles & Squirm. Hey, it sounded better than it was.

7. Tentacles (1977) - And speaking of Tentacles. . .Hilarious film about a killer squid. No-budget effects led to actors trying to make the squid look like it was attacking them.  This might have been an attempt at a Jaws ripoff, but it was a spectacular failure.

8. The Grudge (2004) - This is the only big budgeted and hit films on this list. I wanted to like this film, I really did. Sarah Michelle Gellar is a fave, since I'm a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. But as compelling as the film tries to be, it was utterly incomprehensible to me. Maybe I just don't get the Japanese horror thing.

9. Bug (1975) - The bugs try to be scary. But they're not. Not to be confused with the Ashley Judd film of the same name, though that one could easily fit in on this list.

10. Deadly Friend (1986) - Little House on the Prairie star, Matthew Laborteaux was pretty cute, but this is a total misfire by horror master, Wes Craven. Highlight: the old lady from Throw Mama From the Train gets beheaded by a basketball. Seriously.


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