Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Happens in Vegas: Harry Reid Debates Sharron Angle

I just saw a bit of The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell--having decided I didn't want to watch the big debate--and the consensus there was, Harry Reid didn't land a punch, and Sharron Angle didn't fall on her face.  Much like Sarah Palin when she went up against Joe Biden, Angle basically just needed to get through it without crying to score a "win" or at least a draw. As for myself, I'd still vote for Reid over Angle if he came out and just stood mute for the debate.  Part of the reason I didn't want to watch is that I find Angle's views, her speaking style, her voice too grating to tolerate for more than a few seconds.

Of course Reid didn't land a punch. Not only is he the walking definition of "mild mannered" (or milquetoast if you want to get catty), he just couldn't. Again like Biden, and more recently Chris Coons against Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, landing a punch would be viewed as mean spirited. Beating up on a girl.  Even if he'd tried, getting into the thicket of misstatements, and wild googly-eyed policy positions coming from Angle, trying to take them all apart would be nigh impossible in the debate format.

Whatever happens in the election, this debate is unlikely to tip the scales much.  People voting for Angle--by and large--aren't voting for her, they're voting against Harry Reid.  The same is true in reverse.

Image from source, MSNBC

Reid, Angle trade barbs in Nevada debate

In a crackling campaign debate, Republican challenger Sharron Angle attacked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday night as a career politician who lives in a Washington condominium and has voted to raise taxes 300 times. The four-term veteran called his party-backed rival extreme and accused her of distorting his record. . .

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  1. Here is the problem I have with Harry. I jsut don't think he is putting Nevada first, he is putting national politics first and Nevada second. If Reid wasn't majority leader, we wouldn't be having this discussion and he wouldn't be in the losing position he is in.
    If McCain won in 2008, Reid wouldn't be in this position. But now people in Nevada see that Obama and Reid are walking hand in hand in their policies, policies that do not help Nevada.

  2. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! No, Harry Reid wouldn't be in any trouble election-wise if he weren't Majority Leader. I'm not so sure it's about his actual policies, though. By his position, he got a target on his back. Like the equally milquetoasty Tom Daschle before him, Harry became infamous on ever right-wing radio show (and of course FOX "News"). Is there a single day where the Obama/Reid/Pelosi triumverate isn't mentioned in menacing tones?

    For all the talk of a liberal media, the same isn't really true in the reverse, is it? I mean Denny Hastert was emminently lampoonable for his corpulance, but if polled, how many Americans could name him?

  3. Harry is in trouble because ALL DEMS are in trouble. The country woke up to their communism and is running them out on a rail.

    As Dan said, Reid doesn't represent his constituency first. Rather he supports an agenda that is bankrupting the people he should represent. He forgot whom he serves. As have all his pals.

    May he by tried for Treason, as the facts support.

  4. Well, we disagree on Harry's motives. One of the reasons he's lasted so long is his keeping Nevada first. In the last four years, he's been Majority Leader, so of course he's got additional considerations now.

    Treason, really? Hyperbole much? If you're going to try Reid for treason, there are a whole lot of folks in politics much more deserving that need to be tried first.


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