Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rachel Maddow Corrects the Record

One thing I love about Rachel Maddow is, that when she makes a mistake, she acknowledges it immediately. And that she does it while snarkily baiting the opposition. Sue me. I like the snark.

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  1. More truth is coming about about radical behavior: MSNBC and CNN have few viewers left, and the 3 big networks barely have anyone watching their Doh'bama talking points. The people have seen Obama/Pelosi/Reid and as the truth sinks in they are revolted.

    The people are talking more about having extreme people in Congress: The extremes (the Dems) are being exposed and expelled.

    Unfortunately, many of the GOP candidates coming in are the other wing of the same party: statism, central authority, central control of economy, ponzi schemes for large contributors feasting on the nation, tyranny.

    Hope that Liberty minded folks can undo the tyranny. Hope that "the first 3 boxes" can be made to "undo the coup" of kleptocracy and predation.

    Truth? It's looking like 1774-1775.

  2. Madcow said milias were involved in OKC.
    That contradicts the FBI reports.

    FBI had numerous informants in local militias at the time; Andreas Strassmeier, Kirk Lyons, Carol Howe, Robert Millar were paid from

    McVeigh was kicked out of the militias.
    That's why he was alone all the time.

    Oooops. Facts trump the Big Lie.
    Pravda creates a narrative to suit the party.
    'We the people' keep chuckling when Pravda trots out the Big Lie, when the facts are known to anyone who was alive at the time.

    "We have always been at war with Eastasia."

    The Big Lie serves some twisted purpose to frame perceptions today, to suit the needs of the Central Committee. It's what Pravda does.

  3. LOL,James.
    Hopefully, I didn't refer him and/or her.

  4. Is the him and/or her Rachel or Sofa? Because while Rachel is upfront about both her sexuality and her "mannishness," I have no idea what the hell Sofa is.


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