Thursday, October 28, 2010

Does the Tea Party Even Understand Their Own Position on Things?

Whenever I've had an argument with a staunch, FOX "News"-watchin,' Sarah Palin-lovin,' tea baggin' conservative, I've found them to be very emphatic on their positions. But if you ask one, or perhaps two follow-up questions, they dither. They get exasperated, flap their hands, and act as though everybody knows what they're trying to say, so why should they have to say it?  It may be an overgeneralization, but it is at least common that many do not have a depth of knowledge on very many issues. They know their position--usually in a catchy soundbite--and maybe a couple of nuggets of information that might have a feeling of truthiness.  But then they sputter out.

This is usual behavior for low information voters, but these folks listen to Glenn Beck every danged day, right? He's supposed to be a font of heretofore undiscovered information. But they're only hearing the high (or low) points.  Somehow, armed with vagaries and buzzwords, these folks have managed to take control of the political message this election season.  It's a little scary.  But let me show you what I mean.

Here's Rachel Maddow up in Alaska, talking to a bunch of Joe Miller supporters. Now, right away, any conservative reader is saying, oh, SURE, MAD-COW.  But put aside your taunts and silly insults, and find one single thing that Maddow says or does that is unfair or unbalanced here.  And watch these people dither.

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