Saturday, October 30, 2010

Okay, So Glenn Beck is Crazy

I guess we knew that. Add paranoid and delusional. Or is that the same as crazy? In this political climate, it's difficult to tell.


  1. Doublespeaking collectivists don't grasp the concept of "liberty", so it must be "crazy".
    You forgot 'double plus ungood'.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis.
    Americans have seen crazy.
    And we have the cure. You'll get a small dose Nov 2nd.
    If that doesn't stop the infestation, then we'll apply stronger and stronger doses, until the country is restored.

  2. "Doublespeaking collectivists" sounds like Beck Fans and/or FOX fans to me.

  3. Doublespeak-Orwell

    You should read more, so you understand what comes next.

  4. And you should be on medication, so that you don't see conspiracies everywhere.

  5. Without the ability to debunk reality, reasoning, history, and facts; you resort to name calling: "paranoid", "delusional", "crazy".


  6. Pot, meet kettle: Socialist. Marxist. Stalinist. These are epithets you have flung, and they aren't the only ones. "Crazy," incidentally is a colloquial way of saying "extreme." The IDEAS and policies are crazy. I don't literally think Glenn Beck is crazy. I think he's diabolical. I don't know that he actually believes anything he's saying.

    Beck has said that he's a circus clown, a sideshow attraction, an entertainer. But he is effectively a cult leader anyway. People like he and Sarah Palin have shown that no matter what nutty thing they say or do, they'll continue to have more and more disciples.

    Conservatives like to say that Obama is "the chosen one" to liberals, a god who can walk on water. This is BS, as you can easily see if you go to any liberal site on the web. But Beck, Palin, and countless others? Every gaffe and foible is turned into a badge of honor. Pointing out their flaws is "attacking" them. There is no more zombified mob than one at a Beck/Palin rally.

  7. In the original post you begin with name calling: "paranoid", "delusional", "crazy".

    When it's pointed out, the response is more and more name calling.


    I've used technical terms and tied them to their dictionary definitions; socialist, communist, collectivist. The descritptions have not been contested.

    I have called the GOP socialists, as their acts clearly demonstrate.

    I have called the Dems communists, as many of their acts and words acknowledge. Some are also a mix of fascist/communists. Look up the definitions, and consider the acts of Pelosi/Reid/Obama. Reality meets dictionary.

    I used the phrase 'collectivists' which was then attributed to Stalin (don't think anyone was called a Stalinist, as you stated.)

    So my language matches dictionary definitions.


    Meanwhile you are calling folks "paranoid", "delusional", "crazy", "extremists", "cult leader", "zombified". How is that pointing out flaws? It's not. It's vitriol.

    Isn't there some defense of your philosophy you could offer? Or is it completely without merit, and without reason?

    Your vitriol doesn't make anyone else crazy.
    It just reveals the inner you.


    The IDEAS and policies of Liberty are not crazy.

    King George III and his Royal Court and Torry co-conspirators also thought Liberty was crazy, because they couldn't understand it.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis
    That's as real as it gets.


    By the way, I've never watched more than 2 minutes of Beck. Kinda slow and basic.

    Have you ever watched? Can you formulate any reasoned argument against what he is saying?

  8. Was I snarky in my brief critique of Glenn Beck? Yep. Do I make apologies for it? Nope. I guess, Sofa, what I'm saying is that the television persona that Beck has created is all of those things. I'd wager that my adjectives for that persona pale in comparison to those of others.

    You can't read a critique of Rachel Maddow from the right that doesn't assail her appearance and sexuality (along with the oh-so-creative "Mad Cow" or "Man Cow). Keith Olbermann has been called "unhinged" very recently on "fair and balanced" FOX "News." You have called for the imprisonment of the socialist, Marxist, whateverist politicians you disagree with. We all throw barbs from time to time, and sometimes a blogger like me can be too severe, forgetting that these are real people we're talking about. I've apologized in the past for that.

    But "Glenn Beck," the character--I suspect--is no more a real person than is Stephen Colbert's on-screen persona. For that matter, I suspect a goodly number of politicians do the same thing. For instance, I don't believe for a second that President Obama is REALLY against same-sex marriage.

    Some do it in reverse. Sharron Angle IS an extremist by every measure, but has had a fresh coat of GOP paint applied. She's playing a character right now, though the real gal keeps peaking through.

    As for the "have you watched" Beck, yes. Yes I have. It's dreadful. And almost impossible to "formulate any reasoned argument," because he's so all over the place. Trying to analyze Beck's crazed theories would be like trying to diagram one of Sarah Palin's word-salad sentences. I've watched a lot of FOX "News," painful as it is. I've listened to a lot of right-wing radio, mostly because there is no alternative voice to be found. For all the talk of left-wing media bias (a charge I do not accept), there can be no doubt that radio is RULED almost exclusively by the right.

    This back-and-forth we've got going is interesting, but most probably futile. Like my online communications about evolution, atheism, separation of church and state, gay rights and any number of other issues, there seems to be literally no common ground.

  9. I've just weighed in regarding communism.
    Sorry you don't have any common ground with others on so many other topics.

    Maybe it's all the rest of us are 'crazy' as you keep saying.


    Any points, facts, or reasoned arguments?

    Other than calling yet another person an extremists, again?

  10. You know, you can keep trying to provoke me, but when you exhibit some of the very behavior you accuse me of, it really doesn't have a lot of sting.


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