Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Big Lie About "Caring About the Children and Grandchildren"

When I saw this story in my email box in relation to Sarah Palin, I thought this was a revival of the "Sarah Palin is really Trig's grandmother" rumor from a couple of years ago. But it turns out it isn't that tabloidy.  But it's a story that really needs a louder megaphone.  Whenever I hear. . .

. . .my B.S. detector almost immediately goes off.  Often it is in relationship to so-called "family values," but most often "the children" are only an excuse--a red herring, really--to be used as leverage for getting voters to go for something they otherwise might not.  Here in Las Vegas, we passed anti-smoking laws using the same thing, though in many of the places it affected, children weren't really the issue.

Lately, we've been hearing it a lot in regard to taxes and the Democrats' economic policies.  It sounds noble to lament putting a crapload of debt on future generations, until you recall that those arguments were being made by Democrats during the Bush years. Then you start to wonder if it isn't just a convenient bone to throw out there for politicians to get what they want.


Palin, Beck, the Tea Party and the Big Lie About Saving "Children and Grandchildren"

We are going to protect our young, we are going to protect the next generation of Americans, so the Mama Grizzlies are growling, we are rising up on our hind legs and saying no, we are going to change course, we need that real hope, we need that real change. . .

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