Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rachel Maddow: Is the "Macaca Moment" Even Possible Anymore?

Remember George Allen?  He's one of the Republican politicians who was on a short list to be President. Then he made a seemingly racist statement, calling somebody "macaca."  Given the obscurity of the reference, it's a little strange that it was his complete and utter downfall, but it was.  And it may have been the last one of its kind.  Sure, there's the occasional derailment out of nowhere, like Sue Lowden's "chicken lady" reputation.  But there have been a bevvy of potential "macaca moments" being made by conservative candidates over the last few weeks. Strangely though, there have been no real repercussions.  They awkwardly brush it off, maybe back peddle a little, or "clarify" their statements. But they're still candidates, and they're still potentially viable.

I've got to wonder after this election year, what will be permissible next time?  David Duke, get ready for your comeback?

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